DevOps Consulting: 12-Day Assessment


It is a program of consultancy based on our experience in delivering projects in complex environments. It will help customers to adopt an Agile method of delivering projects following DevOps.

The goal of this service is to speed up the adoption of DevOps as a practice within customers. Predica’s team defines the project to be delivered and helps the customer’s team to deliver its first iterations. We truly believe that every organization can benefit from the adoption of DevOps as a practice. Our goal is to impart our knowledge and experience within the customer’s project team. We also believe that each project should yield tangible and measurable results. The best way to accelerate that is for you to implement DevOps for new and in-flight projects. Why should an organization adopt DevOps as a process? Based on our experience with complex projects, we find that using DevOps as a practice mitigates the risk of slow or ineffective reaction to market developments in an environment of uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change. With DevOps, customers' business will be able to quickly use its technical capabilities to collaborate effectively, create and deploy higher-quality solutions, and respond appropriately to changing their clients' requirements. During this consultancy, your team with Predica’s experts will:

  • Asses your organization’s maturity in DevOps during the initial workshop
  • Define a project with a releasable scope, which will be deployed to production
  • Define a project backlog and establish a process of managing it
  • Work day-to-day with Predica’s experts on implementing Scrum and DevOps practices
  • Deploy the project product to production with CI/CD pipeline.
  • DevOps maturity assesment - 1 day
  • Kickstarter workshop -1 day
  • Business workshop - 3 days
  • Technical workshop - 2 days
  • Deployment pipelines -5 days

Pricing factors which might change estimated pricing are travel and requirements for on-site work.