Azure Active Directory SSO: 10-Wk Implementation


PwC's Azure Active Directory (AD) Single Sign-On (SSO) solution to both on-premise and SaaS applications leveraging most features with your Office 365 license

PwC's Azure Active Directory (AD) Single Sign-On (SSO) Rapid Release/Rapid Replace solution combines Microsoft’s cybersecurity technologies with PwC’s implementation expertise to design and configure a Standards based standalone or hybrid Azure AD solution. This solution enables single sign-on across federation capable On-Premise and SaaS applications. Our streamlined onboarding framework will enable you to overcome the challenges and delays presented by environment size and disparate authentication systems. Our solution uses accelerators that will increase the velocity and effectiveness of onboarding applications to get you into the systems you need faster while reducing related costs. You’ll realize value from your Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology and services investments more rapidly.   

Weeks 1 and 2 - Analyze and Design phases - We help you understand current capabilities, define business and technical requirements and identify operational requirements Weeks 3 through 7 - Build, Deploy and Integrate phases - We assist in 1) configuring the Azure AD platform & associated business processes 2) setting up integration with incident management & log monitoring tools and automate redundant maintenance activities 3) developing and configuring different authentication use cases 4) integrating a pilot set of applications which will include Office 365 applications, SaaS applications and federation capable on-premise applications and 5) establishing policies and business processes to enable rapid onboarding of applications. Weeks 8 through 10 - Transition phase - We work with you to start transition to the operations team and transition documentation and SOPs to IAM team