Master Data Management, Azure +Profisee: 10Day PoC

QMetrix Pty Ltd

Identify the opportunity for success in your Data Governance Business Case through a valuable Proof of Concept using your own data and use cases, helping quantify data value-add to your C-Level exec

Have you found that your team spends more time preparing reports than analysing the business? Do you struggle to uniquely identify and manage the data surrounding your key business resources (be it Customers, Assets, Suppliers or Employees)? Do you find your management reporting conflicts with your operational reporting? Are you struggling to integrate new businesses following a recent acquisition? Your organisation never seems to be able to agree on the right response to seemingly simple business-critical questions, such as “what is a customer’s total value to our business” or “demonstrate customer growth in a given region”.

The QMetrix 10day PoC leverages the Azure services IaaS stack to effortlessly deploy cost effective compute services as a way to identify the value of a successful MDM cloud solution.

Once established, the investment in your Azure infrastructure can be easily leveraged for incorporation into your enterprise cloud offering.

  • Day 1: Establish Azure cloud infrastructure to support your PoC ensuring secure access to internal data services via the Profisee native REST API, and security integration with Azure AD.
  • Day 2-3: Conduct a series of onsite workshops to design and wireframe up a suitable MDM model to support the desired outcomes of your PoC.
  • Day 4: Configure your Azure stack for secure access to external verification services (such as Google GeoCoding) for standardisation and enrichment.
  • Day 5-6: Define matching and survivorship rules, identify suitable data sources, building out the data population of Profisee via the REST API.
  • Day 7: Define suitable business processes inside your organisation requiring support from a data steward, configure suitable Workflows to support these business processes.
  • Day 8-9: Configure secure Azure hosted web-portal for Data Stewardship.
  • Day 10: Demonstrate outcomes and successes, Integration, Hierarchy Management, Customer Matching, Workflows.