Azure Information Protection:- 1-day Assessment


Azure Information Protection controls and helps secure email, documents and sensitive data. Learn how to configure policies to classify, label, and protect data based on its sensitivity.

Protect data at its core. Create a policy to enforce labelling and protection for your sensitive data - share it safely, inside and outside your organisation while monitoring and tracking it

As a FastTrack Ready Partner, we are approved by Microsoft to provide the FastTrack benefit to your organisation, which includes best practice guidance and deployment support for Azure Information Protection (AIP)

  • Customers with eligible AIP subscriptions can use this service at no additional cost for the life of their subscription.
  • We’re backed by Microsoft engineering providing you with the confidence you need for your AIP implementation.
  • Agenda

  • Classify sensitive data and label it with persistent labeling
  • Apply different actions (like visual marking and protection) based on labels .
  • Apply user permissions to ensure safe sharing and collaboration of your data.
  • Leverage Office Data Loss Protection (DLP), Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), and other DLP engines to apply their own policies based on Azure Information Protection (AIP) labels.
  • Monitor and control access to the data using the Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) portal and revoke access to data.
  • Help users to classify and protect data by enforcing automatic and recommendation classification and protection based on policy.