Modern Managed Services for Azure: 1-hour briefing

Solita Oy

This 1-hour briefing is about how to accelerate and ensure success of your company's cloud journey with Solita CloudBlox - modern managed cloud services for Azure.

Solita CloudBlox - modern managed cloud services for Azure is a portfolio of services consisting of Cloud Foundation, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Applications and Cloud Security services.

In this briefing we cover Solita CloudBlox:

  • Value proposition
  • Key elements, a.k.a building blox
  • Customer references
  • Timeline and way of working
  • Next steps

Key benefits are:

  • Enable business agility. React to changing customer requirements rapidly and enable digital business
  • Streamline complicated and expensive infra management and focus on your core business
  • Reduce running infrastructure capacity costs and change from CAPEX investments to OPEX easily
  • Get visibility and be up-to-date what’s happening in the Cloud via dashboards
  • Maintain consistent controls without restricting development velocity: governance, developer autonomy, speed, continuous compliance
  • Standardized, repeatable, automated maintenance, management and continuous security