Identities Federation with Edulog for Education: 6 weeks implementation

Stellium SA

6 weeks implementation of a federation between Edulog and your identity systems and service providers

Edulog is a federation system that creates an abstraction between a user's identity and the account provided to him (by the state he belongs to). The system is targeted at the educational sector in Switzerland and should become the centralized identity provider for any educational application in the country.

Stellium proposes to implement a federation between your existing system(s) and Edulog to allow your identity system and your staff and student’s accounts to be compliant and working with Edulog.

This proposal is combined of two parts:

  • Environment Assessment: execution of identified methodology to assess, evaluate and document the action plan
  • Federation Implementation: execution of the action plan to federate your environment with Edulog

###Agenda *Week 1 & 2 (4 days): Environment Assessment *Week 3 (5 days): Environment Setup *Week 4 (3 days): Security & Authentication *Week 5 & 6 (5 days): User Management & IT Training

Price is based on scope of work

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