Azure Sentinel Onboarding: 2Wk Proof of Concept

Stripe OLT Consulting Ltd

We help your team understand the power Azure Sentinel brings - demonstrating how you can enhance your threat detection and response capabilities, and take back control of your security posture.

The adoption of any new business system or process requires research, time and understanding - why do we need it, how is it going to work and most importantly, what value is it going to bring?

However, when the need is urgent, business leaders are usually left at a crossroad - Do we implement an unknown solution now or do we wait and assess our options? This question becomes even more difficult to answer when your business is at risk of a cyber-attack.

At Stripe OLT, our team of highly certified security specialists are not only able answer these questions, we help your team leverage the power of Azure Sentinel, and provide you with everything needed to accurately defend and protect your organisation.

How does it work?

It’s simple - We help your organisation modernise its security operation by onboarding Microsoft Sentinel into your own tenant. This intelligent, adaptive technology is a cloud native SIEM and SOAR solution, offering complete visibility over alerting, threat detection and response, investigation, and remediation. Once we’ve set you up, your team will have a robust solution, to appropriately manage your organisations cyber security.


  • Discovery to determine and confirm system assets and project scope
  • Provision Azure Sentinel and build customisation based on asset scope
  • Onboard customers Azure services into Azure Sentinel
  • Configuration of Microsoft 365 Security and monitoring toolsets, such as Azure Identity protection and Security Centre.

Perform workshop on Azure Sentinel management and monitoring

Our Azure Sentinel Onboarding, offers a low-risk option for those that want to quickly understand the benefits of Azure Sentinel, whilst gaining an immediate, working solution. In addition, we also provide complementary services such as our Microsoft 365 GAP Analysis, that will help your organisation determine the difference or ‘gap’ between your organisation’s current and ideal state of business technology security.