Cloud Speed Up: 1-Week Application Assessment

Cloud Speed Up accelerates the journey of applications to the cloud for software developers. It is composed of 3 tools to orient the creation of software roadmaps: Gaps, Maturity, and Recommendations.

Cloud Speed Up (kindly named CSU) accelerates the journey of applications to the cloud. Designed to deliver qualified cloud architecture approaches at an expert level. It has 3 deliverables related to applications submitted and provide guidance subsidies for an application transformation roadmap, including Gaps, Maturity, and Recommendations. This assessment is divided into 3 subjects: Application, Data, and Process. Each one is composed by at 3 fundamentals(F) at 4 maturity levels(0 to 3), from which all technical assessments come.

So far, more than 750 software companies and startups have adopted this methodology to accelerate their application journey to the cloud. The self-assessment takes less than 45 minutes to be concluded by developers or product managers. After that, information is considered by DevOps and Cloud experts to generate a visual application maturity map. At this point, the person in charge can be contacted for relevant questions and details. Lastly, an Application Maturity Score is provided to guide de application owner in preparing an recommended application’s roadmap.