Azure Health Check: One Week Assessment

Telia Inmics-Nebula Oy

The workshop helps customer to move workloads from on-premise to cloud Azure services. Telia's experts create development plan how, when and what workloads customer can mo to Azure services.

The Healthcheck of Azure helps customer to moving into the cloud or improve existing Azure Services. Telia’s experts give an assessment for the customer environment and create a roadmap and steps what customer need to do moving into the Azure services. The expert goes through the results with the customer and submits development proposals. The result is a comprehensive final report and a review meeting with our expert, where we will carefully review the findings and identified development targets

  • Existing Azure environment assessment, how customer can optimize Azure services
  • Azure environment security services assessment
  • Plan a new Azure services and deployment schedule
  • Steps move into the Azure Services
  • Roadmap Azure services deployment
  • POC of Azure Services
  • Telia’s Experts assessment to the customer