TrueNorth Group - Azure OpenAI Training

TrueNorth Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive training program and master the use of Azure OpenAI.

Azure OpenAI provides a series of tools and models to be used for generative AI purposes placing the latest capabilities at your fingertips. Not only can you generate new text but even images using tools such as DALL-E. Azure OpenAI also enables users to not only build new models but work from current Large Language Models (LLM’s) and fine-tuning by adding business specific data to give endless opportunities for custom built solutions. The training will enable users to build their own solutions in various development options. It also covers the integration with other Data Science and Machine Learning platforms such as Azure Databricks.


This two-day program will cover everything from what is considered AI, to the use of the Azure Open AI studio to finally the execution of models in an MLOps environment. Learn about the API’s made available in Azure OpenAI and the SDK’s and how to use them effectively. Dive into advanced use cases for hands-on learning.


Course objectives:


• Understand what AI is in general and what is meant by Generative AI.

• Create resources in Azure needed to use Azure OpenAI effectively.

• Understand the API’s and the SDK’s provided.

• Learn where prompt engineering fits into the development process and how to build it successful.

• Understand model fine-tuning.

• Use Vector databases and embedding models.

• Understand and use the concepts of grounding a model.

• Walk through practical examples and use cases.

• Walk through real-world architectures and guide for your environment.


After completing this course users will be able to use Azure OpenAI for successful implementation of their own Generative AI applications.

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