Azure Stack Hub Managed Services - per VM instance

UKCloud Ltd

UKCloud offers a variety of managed operations products, all focused around removing the distraction of IT hygiene, enabling organisations to focus on genuine business value.

UKCloud can deliver a fully managed Azure hybrid cloud solution that enables you to unlock the potential of the cloud. For all workloads regardless of location.

Azure Stack Hub Managed IT Operations - A portfolio of managed operations products focused on enhancing the general health of your Azure Stack Hub.

This portfolio is comprised of the following elements:

Managed Monitoring as a Service - The foundation of the Managed IT Operations portfolio of services. We become your first line of support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, receiving and reacting to any abnormal events or alerts across your IT estate, leveraging the power of AIOps to reduce the amount of noise you traditionally had to filter through, enabling you to focus on the critical events that really matter.

Patching as a Service - Provides routine OS patch management for compute instances. It helps you accelerate business value by removing the burden of basic OS hygiene, letting you focus your attention above the operating system.

Anti-Virus as a Service - Provides you with the confidence that your environments are protected from the dangers of viruses and malware, all without the usual headaches associated with the deployment, management, and operation of an antivirus solution.