Azure Session: 2 Hour Initial Assessment

UKCloud Ltd

UKCloud will meet with customers to help assess their current modernisation challenges and future transformation aspirations, identifying where hybrid Azure cloud services can help realise value.

UKCloud's Professional Services provide a clear path to true cloud value, no matter where your organisation is on the journey to cloud migration and adoption. We provide expert, agnostic, multi-cloud advice through a structured, modular approach. Each stage is supported by an outcome-focused workflow that delivers tailored, high value output, enabling organisations to adopt and leverage cloud with confidence.

UKCloud's initial Azure Assessment session will help customers to understand where Microsoft's Azure hybrid services can help to address their current business challenges with a view to follow up workshops focused around the following four strategic areas:

*Strategy & Assessment service. Helps you develop an accurate understanding of as-is and potential-to-be architectures with detailed TCOs, cloud candidacy assessments and a thorough business case, which is then summarised into a documented vision and strategy to inform stakeholders and the subsequent implementation.

*Migration service. Migrate workloads to and between Azure’s hybrid cloud options. We'll interview key business and technical stakeholders and deploy tools in your infrastructure to ensure we understand your applications and how they interact with each other. You can then migrate workloads in the right order, sized appropriately to benefit from cloud features such as utility billing.

*Optimisation service. Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by utilising different Azure features and adopting new deployment models. UKCloud consultants will undertake a commercial and technical assessment of your environment, then develop and execute work packages that deliver greater value from your cloud deployment.

*Transformation service. DevOps, Containerisation and Infrastructure-as-Code require a radically different approach to application development and deployment. This service provides the expertise to ensure your project goes smoothly and your team are ready to adopt new ways of working.