AI in Manufacturing - Kickoff your AI Journey: 4 Hour Workshop

Unit8 SA

Workshop for decision makers in the manufacturing industry as an overview of the potential of AI in their business.

AI is helping manufacturers:

  1. Provide end-to-end visibility of manufacturing operations
  2. Deliver cost savings and revenue growth
  3. Tackle operational challenges and disruptions
  4. Reduce labor costs and stay resilient despite supply chain disruptions
  5. Achieve net zero goals and decarbonize by reducing waste and optimizing resources

However, leading your organisation to leverage these new opportunities is challenging from a strategic, tactical and operational point of view.

Join us for this custom workshop designed for manufacturing decision makers to show them what opportunities AI offers specifically to their sector and how these opportunities can be realized at scale with the platform and tools Microsoft Azure offers.

Agenda (4 Hours):

Module 1 - AI Strategy Overview -AI strategy as a basis for business decisions

Module 2 - Definition of an AI Strategy -Defining an AI strategy to create business value for manufacturers across multiple divisions (R&D, Production, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, etc.)

Module 3 - AI oriented culture - AI oriented culture as a foundation for success and how to address this in traditional manufacturing environments.

Module 4 - Introduction to AI Technology - Overview of capabilities and Azure Platforms

Module 5 - Unit8 Approach and services around potential next steps.

The workshop is designed for a small group (max. 6) of decision makers and can be conducted either in-person (preferred) or virtually. Examples of potential attendees: Head of Manufacturing, Head of Innovation, S&OP Lead, Data Officer, HR, Legal.

The agenda is modular and can be modified based on time constraints or individual demands.

About Unit8

Unit8 has successfully delivered 30+ ML/AI projects in the manufacturing domain generating millions of CHF in added value. In addition we have delivered over +100 ML/AI projects across other industries. Through these projects we have developed our own methodology to identify successful AI projects. Our team of data scientists, data engineers, architects and consultants work together with our customers to accelerate their data & analytics initiatives. Having delivered projects across Europe we understand the opportunities these technologies enable as well as the challenges and how to overcome them.