Azure Advisory: 3-week Assessment

Venzo A/S

Let VENZO guide you towards maximizing the utilization of your Azure Platform

Are you ready to take advantage of the cloud?

Bringing server infrastructures to the cloud is an important part of modernizing your organization and preparing for future scope and scale. Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of migrating their workloads to the cloud, and taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunities it entails.

In our experience, companies who leverage the cloud to achieve these top benefits:

Save money by avoiding hardware and maintenance expenses for an on-premises data center
Only pay for the cloud capacity used in Azure through Microsoft’s flexible pay-as-you-go model
Access and protect workloads across locations, both when working remotely and at the office
Become more energy efficient and sustainable by moving to Microsoft’s sustainable data centers
Scale applications and workloads on demand to respond to change in needs and wants

VENZO's Azure advisory addresses your current infrastructure with purpose of providing recommendations om how future objectives can be met. We assess your current infrastructure (In Azure and/or on-premises) to discover its quality, whether it follows the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), and investigate the design of the technical environment and your application usage. In that way, we can decide what it takes to make your environment follow Microsoft's best practises.