Azure DPi30 Modern Data Platform - 6 Weeks Workshop

WinWire Technologies

Modernize your current data estate using Azure Data Services (ADS) and expertise from WinWire; DPi30 is a funded engagement from Microsoft to help customers unlock new insights & drive business growth

Many organizations are challenged with disparate or non-centralized data sources, outdated data platforms and lack of access to data insights. These challenges prevent organizations from turning volumes of data into actionable insights that could enable them to enhance customer experience, streamline processes and drive business growth.

WinWire’s Azure Dpi30 Modern Data Platform is designed to help organizations create a data platform foundation on Azure quickly and efficiently. The platform identifies key scenarios, provides Azure service and architecture design recommendations to help enterprises migrate their data estate to Azure, unlocking new insights and driving business growth.

Our Data Estate Modernization Approach


  • Use case formulation
  • Data analysis and understanding - Azure services setup; Visualization wireframes & ML needs and Metric Identification


  • Data sourcing
  • Data Integration – Data Lake and Synapse
  • Data Model on Synapse
  • Visualization on Power BI
  • Model build, selection, training, evaluation
  • Output visualization


  • Data foundation
  • Dashboards and reports for use case
  • Analytics model outputs
  • Roadmap for future initiatives
  • Technology and process alignment

Key Deliverables

Week 1 - Use case Definition (Design Thinking approach)

  • Use case prioritization – ROI map
  • Pilot use case charter & Azure services needed
  • Use case delivery plan
  • Data sources for Pilot

Week 2, 3, 4 - Solution design and build

  • Services set up – Azure Data Lake, Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure ML, Power BI
  • Data preparation for ML build
  • Model build, test, and output

Week 5,6 - Feedback, Pilot Delivery, Roadmap

  • Demo of pilot use case outputs
  • Feedback
  • Roadmap for scale out