SQL Server Migration to Cloud: 4-Weeks Assessment

WinWire Technologies

SQL Server migration to Cloud assessment helps assess your current on-prem data warehouse, identify potential issues and create structure roadmap to migrate SQL Server to Azure Cloud

Digital business transformations demand applications to deliver high performance and be resilient. Over the years, enterprises that have developed business-critical applications with SQL Server are now facing challenges in terms of scalability and performance.

Azure SQL services with the options of SQL Server on VM, Azure SQL MI, and Azure SQL DB provide the right capabilities that align with the immediate and long-term business need for a rapid transition to the cloud. Leverage our quick four weeks SQL Server Migration Assessment to define a comprehensive migration plan and demonstrate a proof of concept.

WinWire’s WinSQLPro framework brings the toolsets and processes to accelerate migration with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework principles.

SQL Server Migration Assessment Methodology

  • Scope – Understand the SQL Server landscape and the features leveraged
  • Architect – Choose the right Azure SQL services, perform environment setup and validation
  • PoC - For the identified scope, migrate and validate the application
  • Demonstrate – Test run with data, demonstrate, and hand over the app for validation. Deliver the larger rollout plan.

Key deliverables

  • SQL Server migrated application
  • Assessment and review of the current SQL Server landscape
  • Rollout plan and approach

Value delivered

  • TCO-ROI report for business case
  • Architecture recommendation and migration approach
  • Setting up of extendable migration process