SAP on Azure Security : 10-Wks Implementation

Wipro Ltd

Wipro's SAP on Azure workloads security and compliance design and implementation service.

Wipro’s SAP on Azure offering provides a comprehensive security and compliance solution leveraging an integrated Azure native security and compliance controls, Microsoft Information protection and our partner solution SECUDE HALOCORE to provide layered protection for SAP workloads on Azure. Wipro brings depth of hybrid cloud security and compliance expertise to secure SAP application as well as the service workloads such as servers and DBs on Azure by leveraging native security controls, Wipro’s frameworks and 3rd party security solutions. Our partner solution SECUDE HALOCORE provides contextual-driven data protection to the SAP data exported out of the system by integration with Microsoft Information Protection services. Wipro’s Azure landing zone security framework helps to rapidly setup all the adequate security and compliance controls to onboard SAP workloads, and provide continuous security and compliance monitoring.
As part of this consulting engagement, Wipro will setup Azure landing zone security and compliance for SAP workloads on Azure, and setup/configure SAP Information Protection leveraging SECUDE HALOCORE and MIP.
Price and duration may vary for each customer engagements based on the scope.

Key features of the solution offering:

  • Integrated and Intelligent security for SAP environment on Azure leveraging Azure Native Security controls, Azure Defenders and SECUDE HALOCORE with MIP integrations.
  • Azure landing zone security with advanced threat protection through Azure defenders
  • Comprehensive compliance through Wipro’s Common Control Framework and Azure Compliance solution
  • Enhanced information protection and Data loss prevention through SECUDE HALOCORE via MIP integration
  • Get visibility and control over data leaving SAP

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