Xoriant – X·CELERATE Insights: Analytics Solution Consulting Pilot Offer – 8 Weeks PoC

Xoriant Corporation

X·CELERATE Insights will help you - Drive business efficiency, create new insights, improve operations, reduce downtime & increase productivity. Gain Competitive Edge with Meaningful Analytics.

The timeliness and quality of business insights is critical to driving effective action.  Enterprises also need to contextualize their organizational data into customized, operation-specific visualization of key metrics. This data is typically present across key business systems, devices, people, and processes.

Business metrics are generally derived from aggregating data found in disparate systems:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, such as Oracle and SAP
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce
  • In house custom repositories, including spreadsheets, data lakes, unstructured data, etc
  • Email servers
  • Collaboration resources, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc
  • Real time data inputs from various IoT devices

Many of these systems have built-in reporting and analytics functions; however, business insights frequently require the aggregation, correlation, and analysis of the information found across multiple systems.

The X·CELERATE Insights Solution consists of the following capabilities, that can be used in stages or all together:

  • Ingest: Import data from multiple proprietary systems to cloud data lakes or warehouses (examples: Azure Data Lake, Synapse) and enabling contextual correlation. Integrate with various systems and technologies to rapidly pull in data using low code technologies
  • Analyze: Analytics and Machine Learning as value added capabilities on the data brought to the cloud
  • Visualize: Visualization and graphical reporting using low-code dashboards that incorporate PowerBI and enable easy near real-time customization based on changing user requirements

Xoriant’ s Azure-powered X·CELERATE Insights solution empowers IT, Operations and LOB teams to make smart decisions and take strategic actions by unlocking valuable business insights from intuitive dashboards and customizable graphs and charts.

When needed, X·CELERATE Insight leverages Xoriant’ s X·CELERATE IoT - the ready-to-deploy IoT solution that employs several Microsoft Azure services including Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, CosmosDB and PowerBI.

Why X·CELERATE Insights

Drive business efficiency, create new insights, improve operations, reduce downtime, and increase productivity from:

  1. Rapidly adaptable operational views
  2. Enterprise integrations and flexible workflows
  3. Customized solutions with end-to-end security
  4. Custom Dashboards with role-based visibility and control offering the following benefits to different users:
    1. Managed Service Provider (MSP) – Provide services to multiple enterprises to track and report key metrics that enable operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
    2. Enterprise Executive – Analytics for the right product to the right location at the right time to maximize sales and margins
    3. Operations Leader - Derive rapidly actionable insights from data from across devices, people, and site operations

Offer Summary

  • The first step includes assessment, architecture, and POC/Pilot software solution implementation with customer provided data
  • Selected dashboards will be agreed upon during assessment phase, and a statement of work will be developed and agreed upon
  • The next steps will involve production roll out

Industries Served:

Manufacturing: Helps achieve smart manufacturing and processes by correlating data from multiple machines, sensors, and systems to better understand productivity, correct quality issues and perform proactive maintenance

Health Care: Assists health care providers and administrators in correlating and visualizing patient data as well as resource utilization, enabling them to provide improved patient services.

Retail: Enables better understanding of customer behavior in real time with cognitive analysis integrated with data from your ERP systems, delivering better customer experience

FSI: Insights at every stage in the customer lifecycle and from multiple sources to anticipate churn and improve cross- and up-sell, driving customer lifetime value.  Capabilities extend to corporate banking, including a view of the business functions such as state of the pipeline and process status for data, payments, trade finance and lending