Intuitive OCR-ML Document Digitization: 6 Week PoC

Xoriant Corporation

Xoriant Smart Capture intuitively helps transform your paper-based business processes by leveraging best of breed OCR technology. Captures, classifies, and recognizes text.

Xoriant Smart Capture is a Microsoft Azure based intuitive document digitization solution. It uses Microsoft Azure OCR services and Xoriant ML algorithms to extract printed/ handwritten text images (including tables, nested tabled, key-value pairs, etc.) from images and multi-page PDFs documents. This information can be stored in structured databases and analyzed using various tools for trending, dashboards, and reporting.

PoC Offer Summary - Cost: $25,000:
•  Template creation for up to 10 document types
•  Includes processing of 25,000 pages, $ 0.50 per page for additional pages
•  Self-Service Template Creation Add-on Tool: $5000 / Year
•  Language Supported: English (Support for additional languages - On-Demand)
•  Input formats supported: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG (Support for additional document types - On-Demand)

The PoC offer utilizes collection of integrated Azure cloud services—analytics, computing, database, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving time as well as money. This empowers digital transformation via newfound cloud agility and superior ROI.

Deliverables: This POC uses the following Azure components:
•  Azure Cognitive Services (Computer Vision Read API) to extract information
•  PowerBI embedded– to generate and display various dashboards
•  Azure hosted Virtual Machines – For hosting the application servers, webservers and DB

We run our algorithms on these virtual machines to identify the information structure and digitally store in form of tables, nested tabled, key- value pairs for pages/ images processed that can be further sent to relevant business systems.

A statement of work and scope will be agreed upon by both parties during the first week of engagement