Xtremax Infra & App Managed Services, 30 days

Xtremax Pte Ltd

Gain assurance that your Azure cloud posture is healthy and compliant. Our team of Azure experts will help create a plan for your security, governance and operational needs.

Whether you're looking to leverage the cloud for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, or all of the above, our dedicated Azure team focuses on bringing the most cutting-edge Azure capabilities to our customers. With deep expertise and capabilities in cloud strategy, cloud-native development, containers, application modernization, and workload management we help customers accelerate innovation with Azure. Xtremax is a leading cloud solutions provider, with expertise in Cloud, Application Development and Data Transformation. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud Partner.

Supported by Xtremax's Azure certified solution architects and engineers, this offer provides:

Day 1-7: Assessment of Azure Environment security and governance posture Day 8-22: Implementation of Azure native security, backup and maintenance tools Day 23-30: Monitoring and Testing

What is reviewed in this offer:

  1. System Administration
  2. Active Directory, Web Server and Application Server Administration
  3. Database Server Administration
  4. Archival, Backup and Recovery Administration
  5. Server Security Administration
  6. Performance and Fault Management
  7. Network Server Management
  8. Report Requirements