.Net Applications Architecture : 3-Week Assessment

YASH Technologies

Evaluate .NET solutions running On-premises or Azure environment to determine how well the applications adhere to best practices and identify areas for improvement.

This assessment designed to help organizations optimize .NET solutions for enterprise software development running On-premises or Azure environment. This assessment identifies areas in which .NET solution can be realigned to best practices, providing guidance and/or validation of priorities for strengthening .NET solution implementation.  Evaluate .NET solutions to determine how well the applications adhere to best practices while identifying areas for improvement.

Yash team will perform the following activities as part of this assessment

  • Evaluation of short-term and long-term goals
  • Analyse .NET code base and compare with best practices
  • Special emphasize on any below 5 categories
    • Correctness
    • Efficiency
    • Integrity
    • Reliability
    • Usability
    • Maintainability
    • Flexibility
    • Testability
    • Portability
    • usability
    • Interoperability
    • Security
  • Review business strategy & application questionnaires
  • Review architecture strategy related to .NET solutions

Following are some of the benefits of this assessment

  • Get a prioritized list of architecture and codebase improvements to be made.
  • Receive detailed recommendation on immediate blockers
  • Receive validation on improvement areas in existing code base.
  • Gain clarity on Azure Modernization approach

Following are some of deliverables of the assessment

  • Assessment Report containing best practices, evaluation criteria and recommendations
  • Guideline and implementation roadmap