Zensar’s Generative AI infused Engineering Services

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Zensar’s “AI Engineering Buddy”- A one stop solution to elevate Engineering Velocity for Enterprises addressing complex engineering challenges and driving innovation within organization.

Why Partner with Zensar “AI Engineering Buddy”?

Zensar has assembled a team of Open AI specialists, Prompt Engineers and engineering subject matter experts (SMEs) who have conducted an extensive range of experiments leveraging Azure Open AI across diverse use cases. An offering in partnership with Microsoft and Powered by Azure OpenAI.

Offerings from Zensar:

Consulting Services - Zensar offers consulting services specifically designed to support organizations in their onboarding process with Azure Open AI. These services encompass a wide range of areas, including guidance on setting up isolated ecosystems within the IT landscape, establishing effective governance structures, implementing comprehensive data security and privacy measures, and addressing people, process, and legal considerations to consume Generative AI. By incorporating best practices in Open AI, Zensar assists organizations in creating their own customized "AI Engineering Buddy" ecosystem.

Legacy modernization/Technology Transformation – Zensar's "AI Engineering Buddy" plays a crucial role in facilitating enterprise-level legacy modernization and technology transformation. The AI Engineering Buddy empowers organizations to achieve the following objectives: • Migrate legacy platforms to modern architectures. • Translate complex business logic into microservices. • Convert database objects into services-based code. • Perform technology stack upgrades. • Reduce technical debts through code rewrites. • Generate comprehensive documentation for code and business use cases. • Rapidly transform front-end code into responsive web design (RWD) and progressive web applications (PWA). • Ensure code coverage and maintain high code quality from Day 1.

By leveraging the AI Engineering Buddy, organizations can experience significant productivity improvements ranging from 20% to 40% and efficiency gains of 30% to 50%.

Green-field platform/product engineering – By leveraging Zensar's "AI Engineering Buddy" and its associated services, enterprises can achieve faster time to market with a notable improvement of 15% to 20%. This accelerated time to market is made possible through the streamlined processes, automation capabilities, and AI-powered assistance provided by the “AI Engineering Buddy”. Enterprises can shift their focus towards exploring diverse opportunities for innovation and flexibility, while the buddy assists in addressing the following challenges: • Selecting the appropriate technology stack, solution design, and low-level components. • Providing guidance in strategic and execution planning. • Uncovering unexpected challenges that may arise during the project lifecycle. • Determining the optimal project size. • Promoting secure coding practices right from the incubation phase. • Generating test cases and test data to ensure comprehensive testing coverage.

Co-innovation Engineering partner – Zensar's team of polyglot champions, business subject matter experts (SMEs), and the "AI Engineering Buddy" collectively contribute to enhancing various facets of innovation and problem-solving within enterprises. Here are the areas where their assistance can be valuable: • Generating alternative solutions for ideas generated, expanding the possibilities. • Validating and evaluating concepts to determine their viability. • Assisting in the selection of suitable tools and frameworks. • Generating multiple design approaches to explore different options. • Conducting proof of concepts across different technologies. • Providing upskilling and learning plans for large-scale implementation. By leveraging these resources, enterprises can experience significantly faster feature evaluation, allowing them to swiftly identify and prioritize features to be integrated into their business solutions. This accelerated process can yield productivity gains of 2x to 10x, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and bring innovative solutions to market more quickly.

Efficiency driver in Maintenance & Testing projects – Zensar's AI Engineering Buddy serves as a valuable resource for developers and testers, providing them with blueprints to improve efficiency and overall productivity through innovation within the Open AI GPT ecosystem. By leveraging the capabilities of the AI Engineering Buddy, engineers can generate test cases, enhance code coverage, add comprehensive documentation, improve code maintainability, refactor code for optimal quality, and efficiently identify technical debt and bugs. This collaborative approach with the AI Engineering Buddy enables organizations to achieve potential benefits of 15% to 20% improvement in delivering value to customers. Through the AI Engineering Buddy's guidance, developers and testers can streamline their workflows, optimize code quality, and enhance customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality solutions.