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Movie Masher

Movie Masher
Open Source Online Browser Based Video Editor and Audio Mixer

Browser-based Media Editor

Movie Masher adds video editing capabilities to your site, enabling visitors to produce high resolution files for download, streaming or broadcast.

  • visual composition - including layering, scaling and cropping
  • audio mixing - multitrack with dynamic volume control
  • modules - for transitions, titling and visual effects
  • undo/redo - simple command API and history management


Within the browser, HTML5, CSS and Javascript are used - no plugins. The preview draws to a standard Canvas object and mixes the soundtrack via the Web Audio API. Any standard Web Font can be used in titling. The AngularJS and Bootstrap modules are also used, as well as PHP endpoints on the server that act as a bridge to the API. The moviemasher.rb module utilizes Ruby to construct commands for FFmpeg and Ecasound in support of the API.


In Azure, Movie Masher is deployed on a self contained VM - all projects and supporting apps are installed and preconfigured. There's a limit on concurrent users this approach can support, even on the largest machines. Work on more scaleable deployment mechanisms is being done for future versions. Your input in this effort is appreciated - please submit an issue from one of the project links above to join in the discussion.