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Deep Security SaaS

Trend Micro
Built to work with Azure, Deep Security provides a complete suite of security capabilities.

IMPORTANT: The Deep Security VM Extension installs an in-guest agent to enable the security controls for your virtual machine. It can be accessed on the “Optional Configuration” blade when creating a new VM or modifying an existing VM by clicking Extensions >> + Add extension >> Deep Security >> Create.

Protect your virtual machines against threats, malware, and vulnerabilities with Trend Micro Deep Security for Azure. Built to work seamlessly with Azure, Deep Security provides a complete suite of security capabilities for your virtual machines:

  1. Anti-malware protect against constant malware attacks
  2. Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) to shield unpatched vulnerabilities
  3. Log inspection to identify important security events
  4. File and Integrity monitoring for compliance
  5. Stateful host-based firewall for advanced control
  6. Web reputation to prevent sessions being initiated with malicious or harmful sites

Security is managed from an integrated administrative console that provides a single view of your security posture for cloud and hybrid environments.

Try the free 30-day trial of Trend Micro Deep Security to see how easy it is to get the security you need in a single platform that speeds deployment and preserves the agility of Microsoft Azure.