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ViZix™ IoT Platform Retail

Mojix Inc.
ViZix™ business intelligence software for Internet of Things (IoT) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

Request your 30-day free trial license by emailing us:

ViZix captures information that matters, enabling users to visualize it, interpret it, and take action in real time.

This free evaluation includes a Retail Dataset that will allow you to evaluate how things are created and tracked using ViZix Big Data IoT Platform. You will also be able to check our default reports and can create your own.

ViZix main features include:

  • A web-dased interface, user configurable at ALL levels

  • Support for Big Data Fractal Multi-Tenancy™ to support hierarchical, multi-element Implementations

  • Designed for seamless Integration with existing enterprise systems (ERP, SCM, WMS, …)

  • Secure (SSL/TLS)

  • Complex Event Processing: trigger custom events and/or alerts when complex conditions occur among event streams

  • And more...

For more information on how to use go to:

The Recommended VM Size is D11 Standard, D14 Standard, DS11 Standard v2