9Spokes Open — permission business data seamlessly

9 Spokes international Limited

9Spokes Open — permission business data seamlessly

9 Spokes international Limited

Build incredible products by connecting your customers' business data to your app.

Imagine an always-on, permissioned data feed from your customer's connected business apps.

9Spokes Open unlocks, with your customer's consent, business data which you can use to power your service or product.

How could you leverage that connection to provide more value to your customers? Power your service with easy, near real-time data feeds from the software they use.

Our catalog includes integrations into a range of accounting, inventory, POS, marketing, and social applications. Good news is this is list is always growing! From each we can offer:

  • Data — raw data from business software providers
  • Information — calculated metrics based on business data e.g., accounting ratios.
  • Knowledge* — machine learning and AI powered predictive analytics e.g.,​​ revenue forecasting​.
Why 9Spokes Open?
  • Always-on, permissioned customer data
  • Standardized data, streamlined service
  • Procure insights, not just data
  • Wide data coverage
  • Bank-grade security with ISO270001 certification

9Spokes Open for lending

Originate loans faster: Automate the data collection process for loan applications.

Mitigate lending risk: Enable a continuous pull of permissioned customer business data for loan monitoring.

9Spokes Open for risk management

Get always-on, permissioned customer data: identify and evaluate potential risks before they become an issue.

9Spokes Open for customer intelligence

Business intelligence, on-demand: Connect your customers’ business apps to build a rich, always-updating data source, ready to pull from when you need it.