AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration

Aarna Networks, Inc.

AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration

Aarna Networks, Inc.

Zero Touch 5G + edge computing for B2B

Our core platform is open source. We use parts of LF Networking ONAP (Edge Multi Cluster Orchestrator or EMCO and Controller Design Studio or CDS) along with CNCF projects (Istio, FluentD, Prometheus, Jaeger, Keycloak, Kubernetes Operators and Custom Resources). The benefits of open source over proprietary software are:
  • Often a reference implementation for standards

  • Higher probability of meeting customer requirements

  • Assured interoperability with NFVI and CNFs/CNAs

  • Open source communities innovate faster

  • The availability of source code assures no vendor lock in

  • Transparency and security of open source is higher

Please note that the AarnaStream value add components (network slicing, SON, analytics) will be proprietary.

Once the deployment is complete, please follow the steps below to access the GUI for  AMCOP

  • Download and install Azure command line on a Linux VM
  • Get kubernetes config using the Azure Command Line tool (az cli)

az aks get-credentials --resource-group <RESOURCE GROUP> --name <CLUSTER_NAME> --overwrite-existing

  • Get the public IP and port number for the GUI

kubectl get svc --all-namespaces -o wide --field-selector=""

  • On a browser, access the IP address of the GUI