CaseworkiQ – Decision Intelligence for case-driven teams

ActiveOps plc

CaseworkiQ – Decision Intelligence for case-driven teams

ActiveOps plc

Predictive analytics to keep case work and SLAs on track. Real-time view, real-time decisions

Large, complex service operations work tirelessly to respond to customers, meet SLAs and regulatory requirements while trying to reduce costs and improve performance. This is easier said than done. Many are struggling with the drudgery of data and drowning in dashboards – making real-time decision-making a pipedream.

Our blend of AI and human intelligence delivers the most complete and useful set of diagnostic predictive and prescriptive insights to help service operations in Banking, Insurance and Healthcare to make better decisions, faster.

Take control of your SLA management in real-time and know exactly where you are and what you need to do with CaseworkiQ. Redeploy capacity and assign skilled resources to at-risk SLAs. Never miss an SLA again.

More control
Identify high-risk cases and plan capacity to meet caseload demand in real-time.

More visibility
All your cases in a single view, plus time vs. effort spent, see where cases are held up or stalling.

More accuracy

Better reporting. No more wasting time compiling reports or making decisions on the fly.

More capacity

Release the hidden capacity within your teams and transform the way you resource SLAs.

With Decision Intelligence, our customers deliver MORE - release 20%+ capacity within the first 12 months and boost productivity by 20%+ leading to MORE business impact. In fact, customer turnaround times are improved substantially, costs are reduced, SLAs are met, and employees are happier and more engaged.

To learn more about CaseworkiQ, chat about pricing or receive a demo, please contact Rowina Halford, Global Head of Partnerships at ActiveOps (