DeviceOn/ iEdge


DeviceOn/ iEdge


DeviceOn/ iEdge (Enabling Equipment-to-Intelligence and Optimized Management)

Equipment Connectivity

  • Support multiple sensors (temperature / humidity / PM2.5 / voltage / current)
  • Field equipment standard protocol support, as Modbus, OPC UA, and other PLC base protocols (by project)
  • Integrated WebAccess/SCADA: 400+ driver support on major PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, CNCs, network switches and computer platforms
  • Plug-in editor supports Modbus and OPC UA tag editing from cloud-to-edge
  • Provide SDK to connect proprietary protocols

Edge Intelligence

  • Data Preprocessing
    Data Flow: not only provide diversified node development and integration from the Node-RED Library website, Advantech develops iEdge nodes for rapid integrationEdge Data Calculation: through simple A + B = C operation, important data is stored in the cloud to avoid wasting network bandwidth and database capacity. This process takes advantage of reducing server workload significantly
  • Abnormality Notifications
    Abnormality notification support list includes web event notification and queries, timely email notification, messenger notification (LINE / WeChat/What¡¦s App) and customized event notification (users define corresponding error codes and event levels)?Reaction Rule EngineIf monitoring status over the threshold on the edge side, related actions taking

Data Visualization
iEdge built-in Grafana Dashboard supports multiple types of data sources and integrates auto-generated dashboard functionality. iEdge server provides overall data monitoring and historical data tracking and dashboard provides real time data monitoring without connecting to server

Database Integration and Transfer

  • Edge Computing Database: for resumed data uploading and data calculation usage
  • Cloud Database: supports database transfer by using iEdge Server API
  • Database Fetch: fetches MSSQL or exported file (txt/csv)

Three-Stage Pricing

  • Free connecting Advantech hardware
  • $50 for connecting non-Advantech hardware
  • (Advantech CSP only) 70% off when connecting non-Advantech hardware

Who is suitable for iEdge

  1. OEM manufacturers who needs add-on value as part of device management.
  2. System Integrators who can deliver integrated IoT management to their customers
  3. End customers who are struggling with IoT management and eager to improve

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