Apifon - Multichannel Business Messaging Platform

Apifon S.A.

Apifon - Multichannel Business Messaging Platform

Apifon S.A.

Multichannel Business Messaging Platform for Business Growth

Grow your audience, engage your customers, automate your messages. Do it with multiple channels using our all-in-one mobile marketing platform.

What you can do with Apifon:

Message your customers in any channel

Engage customers on their favorite channels, using a single platform. We love to communicate and make every message count on every channel!

Find more customers and engage them

Create better Landing Pages using our drag-n-drop builder or our pre-designed templates – no coding required. Create Sign Up forms to grow your audience, collect customer “GDPR safe” data and make your communication awesome!

Turn data into insights

Track the performance of your campaigns, monitor your audience’s habits and improve your future actions. Gain access to important KPIs, put your data into work and increase your ROI.

Integrate your system

Connect your applications using our plugins or APIs, to send messages and keep your data synced. Bring your customers data into one place and centralize your communication.

Automate your actions and save time

Get rid of tedious tasks and save valuable time. Take advantage of the smart failover to SMS feature for not delivered Viber messages, syndicate audience data, create smart flows and automate your messages.