PgAdmin4 on Ubuntu 18.04

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PgAdmin4 on Ubuntu 18.04

Apps4Rent LLC

Platform for development and execution for PostgreSQL databases

PgAdmin4 is the latest iteration of the PgAdmin4 platform written on Python and JavaScript/jQuery. The application can work as a standalone for individual users or can be deployed on a server for access using a browser for multi-user access.

It has a user-friendly look and feel of a desktop application and can be used as a management tool for PostgreSQL and derivative relational databases. It is supported on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Key features available in PgAdmin4 on Ubuntu

· Supported on popular operating systems.

· Works with multiple PostgreSQL versions and derivatives.

· Detailed application documentation

· Server and desktop deployable.

· Powerful built-in tools.

· Routine maintenance schedule.

URL: http://server-public-ip/pgadmin4

Login Credentials: Username- postgres@localhost | Password- pg4admin

PostgresSQL Credentials: Username- postgres | Password- postgres.

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Default ports:

  • SSH: 22
  • HTTPS: 443
  • HTTP: 80