YetiForce on CentOS 8.5

Apps4Rent LLC

YetiForce on CentOS 8.5

Apps4Rent LLC

YetiForce is a flexible CRM solution with rich functionality made with high-quality tech tools.

YetiForce CRM uses a modular approach to provide flexible solutions to users with unique business requirements. It can be easily integrated with existing processes without having to change the available workflows. 

There are inbuilt modules that support various functionalities that are useful for the sales, marketing, and customer service teams. It supports add-ons that further enhance the capabilities of the software. It is a robust platform that supports thousands of simultaneous users.

Key features available in Yetiforce on Ubuntu

  • All-in-one dashboard that presents widgets and module summaries on one screen.
  • Advanced widget management system.
  • Integrated calendar module for tracking business activities.
  • Stakeholder management functionality.
  • Advanced inbuilt e-mail module.
  • Comprehensive module to control sales process.

Application URL: or your_serverip/yetiforce | Login details are saved in 'Credentials.txt' file in "/var.

MySQL | Login details are saved in 'Credentials.txt' file in "/var

Disclaimer: Apps4Rent does not offer commercial licenses of any of the products mentioned above. The products come with open source licenses. It is highly recommended to change default passwords before implementing in production. 

Default ports:

  • SSH: 22
  • HTTP: 80
  • HTTPS: 443
  • MySQL:3306