Smart Approvals for Office 365

Autopilot Workflow Solutions

Smart Approvals for Office 365

Autopilot Workflow Solutions

SmartApprovals, the Office 365 add-in that gets you reliable actions on your business processes.

Initiate approval requests directly within Word, Outlook or Excel using your existing company forms, OR quickly customise the best- practice templates included with SmartApprovals.

Using SmartApprovals in your Office ensures better communication, greater transparency and more accountability. Not only will you reduce your company’s exposure to significant operational and financial risk, but you will also increase the efficiency and productivity of your workforce, all of which positively impacts business net worth.

REDUCE RISK If not streamlined and standardised, casual approval methods expose your business to serious unseen financial and operational risk.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY If legacy manual approval processes are still in practice, business productivity and effectiveness will be significantly compromised.

ENSURE ACCOUNTABILITY If your processes do not track or log all actions and decisions appropriately, audits or evaluations could reveal difficult consequences.

EFFORTLESS EFFICIENCY All company forms or business templates instantly on hand, right where you want to work on them. No need to find in folders, dig in drawers, hassle HR - or fight the office printer. Digitised, optimised, CENTRALISED FILES ready for getting things done.

Some of the benefits of SmartApprovals include:

  •  Automate approval processes in minutes, not months, and seamlessly Onboard the people involved.
  •  Track the progress and status of approval requests at any moment and always know what’s going on.
  •  Approve from anywhere using any email client, or via the companion browser-based web-app.
  •  Streamlined, automated processes improve efficiency, increase effective productivity, enable operational scalability / growth.
  •  Ensure consistent best practices and compliance - prevent unseen operational and financial risks.
  •  Full tracking and audit trail of all approvals within your business.
  •  Better communication, greater transparency and more accountability within your team.
  •  Centralized workflow management tool reduces confusion and ensures standardisation.
  •  Improve data accuracy and visibility.
  •  Go paperless - Cut costs of paper supply, usage, wastage and disposal services, printing, printers and maintenance costs, filing and archiving services.
  •  Save effort, save time, save money - improve business value.


Organisations from Government to small business utilise the SmartApproval solution to automate process such as Leave, Travel expenses, CAPEX requests, Expense claims and general Document approvals. Today is the day to get the Office 365 add-in that helps you get reliable, accountable action on the document and decision processes that affect your business.