ABC Client Analysis


ABC Client Analysis


Segment and analyze your client portfolio contributing to the company's turnover and profitability.

Do you have a portfolio of high-risk clients? Are you dedicating your efforts to the right customers? Does your portfolio have growth potential? Who are your target customers?

Bismart ABC Client Analysis is a dashboard environment for the segmentation and analysis of the client portfolio based on contribution to turnover and profitability.


ABC of Billing and Margin

It analyzes the contribution of customers to the company's figures at the level of turnover and margin.

It shows the distribution of the client portfolio, separating those that are interested in maintaining from those that are interested in rationalizing or even cleaning up.

Customer Matrix by Billing and Margin

It compares the data obtained from the ABC by invoicing and by margin to end up drawing a classification matrix of clients by type, where those clients are quickly identified as being of great value to the company from those that would be better not to have.

Customer characteristics

Cross-reference the ABC information with other available customer data to get to know them better.

  • Degree of satisfaction for the study of the possibilities of maintaining them
  • Socioeconomic data of the person or organization, their consumption habits, their relevance in the market...