Blitzz is a cloud-native data replication platform that autonomously migrates databases to the cloud

Zero-downtime migration and high volume, high velocity real-time data replication

Blitzz is a cloud-native data replication platform that migrates databases to the cloud by autonomously migrating schemas and continuously replicating data across heterogeneous systems. Built from the ground up to handle high volume and high velocity data replication, Blitzz is enteprise-scale data replication solution that is autonomous, distributed and fault-tolerant. Data architects and data engineers can use Blitzz to move data into Azure databases with zero downtime while replicating database updates to streaming data pipelines at scale to deliver a real-time, consistent view of customer data, assets and business intelligence across applications and business units.

• Zero-downtime migrations to and from Azure without impacting business operations.
• Reducing cost of ownership and increasing efficiencies by integrating data pipelines from wide variety of sources.
• Stronger data integrity, fault tolerance and reduced risk of errors.
• Data agility and hybrid multi-cloud scalability through continuous data replication.

• Sources supported: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, Amazon RDS, Cassandra, Teradata, Aurora Postgres, MongoDB, Hana, DB2
• Large DB migration and replication - scalable to handle concurrent high volume and high-velocity data ingestion from multiple sources to multiple destinations without compromising on data integrity.
• Supports batch/initial load of data and CDC based replication.
• Bi-directional, fault-tolerant with automatic recovery and checkpointing.
• Exactly once transaction delivery across heterogeneous DBs.
• Incremental push-based data replication, less pressure on DBs than pull-based.
• Fall-back to on-premises without losing transactions.


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