ChainSys Multi-Domain MDM - Equipment Data Management


ChainSys Multi-Domain MDM - Equipment Data Management


Equipments Data Management (EDM) to keep a "Single Source of Truth" for all your data

Value Proposition

For a business providing equipment and services, delivering engaging product experiences along with services is a critical success factor. This requires an Equipment Data Management Strategy which should provide relevant equipment information including MRO Material, Purchase Information Records, Functional Locations, Equipment and Equipment Bills of Material data across various locations to provide better service to the customer.

Equipment Data Management solution is critical to have a single, most complete, and accurate view of your Equipment data that can be used across multiple systems and channels. This in turn requires a robust Master Data management platform that is effective, streamlined, and fast to ensure that your Product & Equipment data is Governed, Complete & Accurate at all the time across various locations to ensure positive experience for your customer.

ChainSys’ Product Information Management Suite, powered by dataZen™, has all data quality & data governance capabilities, to ensure accurate Equipment data in your organization & to help maintain consistent Equipment & Service information across all your systems through a simplified Data Governance process.

Why ChainSys

  • No programming: Configuration based implementations with Pre-Built & Configurable data models to support any of your MRO Material, Purchase Information Records, Functional Locations, Equipment and Equipment Bills of Material data, Product, Catalog, Structure etc. data models from broad range of internal and external Sources.

  • Pre-built extractors, loaders, and integration templates for all data elements related to Product information management such as Structures / Bills of Material, Product revisions, Manufacturers/ Suppliers, dimensions, warranty, documents, attachments etc.

  • Consolidate your product attributes data (Hierarchical, Structured, or unstructured) among multiple peripheral internal ERP systems or external systems (from Partners, Suppliers or manufacturers) as one time consolidation / migration (Get Clean) or Ongoing Governance (Keep it clean).

  • Robust data quality engine that is highly configurable, highly automated, and easy to use, speeding time to adoption and value.

  • Product data Cleansing, Enrichment and Deduplication based on Algorithms, Data Dictionary along with Deduplication Report Dashboards for easy data review/adjustment.

  • Configurable Item survivorship and attributes merging rules for automated merging and enrichment of Golden records

  • Centralized product data to feed consistent, accurate information and content across all channels.

  • Offers below capabilities as a Service to any external or internal Systems

    • Data Quality to help cleanse, enrich and de-duplicate Equipment data entities across various domains.

    • Master Data Onboarding Request and Data enrichment to help Govern Product data entities across various module pre-data entry into your ERP System

  • Data Visualization (Report, Dashboard, Analytics)