Take Blip WhatsApp Server


Take Blip WhatsApp Server


A simple and quick way to guarantee the infrastructure to be on Official WhatsApp

With more than 3 years of experience as an Official WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider and with thousands of integrated customers, Take Blip now offers WhatsApp Server, a simple and quick way to guarantee the infrastructure to be on Official WhatsApp.

What is the solution?

Take Blip WhatsApp Server is a PaaS solution for companies and people to guarantee the essential infrastructure to run, in a self-managed way, the WhatsApp application.

With it, you abstract the complexity of the service at the low level and you are free to focus only on activating WhatsApp with an Official Provider and on the use and benefits of the most used channel in the country.

What features does Take Blip WhatsApp Server offer?

  • Infrastructure running WhatsApp's Web, Core and Master Applications, as well as its database - all within a Kubernetes cluster;

  • Platform for tracking subscriptions purchased on Azure MarketPlace, allowing you to have one or more Managed Infrastructures;

  • API versions overview made available by WhatsApp, with emphasis on stable versions. In addition, for more practicality and convenience, it is still possible to self-manage version updates in a specific time window selected by you.

  • Health Check Vision of Managed Infrastructure, with emphasis on the connection between the Physical Infrastructure (WhatsApp Provider) and the Logical Infrastructure (WhatsApp).

Our solution allows you to follow everything at a high level, offering the main information for the smooth operation of the integration with WhatsApp. Get it now!