Denodo Platform 8.0 (Hourly)


Denodo Platform 8.0 (Hourly)


Denodo allows you to integrate data from any location and deliver it to any consumer in real time.

Accelerate your time-to-insight and data services, leveraging over 150 cloud and on-premises data sources without having to copy data or ETL

Denodo Platform integrates and delivers data from Microsoft Azure, SaaS and on-premises sources to your analytics tools of choice or as data APIs. Discover the modern data virtualization designed for public and hybrid cloud without sacrificing performance, security, or governance. Access to data directly, where it resides in real-time.

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Key Features Include:

  • Connect, combine and consume unlimited data sources
  • ML-powered Smart Query Optimization to enhance performance and reduce egress charges
  • Role-based security, data masking, SSO, SSL encryption, and pass-through support
  • Data delivery options include support for API web services (SOAP, REST, OData and GraphQL)
  • Data Catalog to query, search and browse your connected data
  • Apache-Zeppelin-based notebook for data scientists to explore data
Top benefits:
  • Real-time data integration and delivery across Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Synapse and other cloud and on-premises systems
  • Fast execution of complex data queries leveraging source processing power
  • Secure data of all Denodo connected sources
  • Rapid development

Top use cases:

  • BI and analytics combining data with cloud and on-premises systems in real-time

  • Cloud and data warehouse modernization and migrations

  • Real-time data services for applications