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Engagely Voice AI Bot

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Engagely is an enterprise grade, no-code conversational AI platform with omnichannel & multilingual

What is is an enterprise-grade, no-code conversational AI platform with omnichannel & multilingual support. Customers use for lead generation, customer support & service, agent assist, and improving overall customer engagement. 

Engagely AI gives organization's Support/ contact center the AI advantage it needs to upscale your voice-based support for the ever-increasing call volumes with Engagely’s Voice Bot. helps you extend the limits of what is possible with the best in class Conversational Voice AI much earlier than expected!

Business Challenges

Any B2C organization must maintain a contact call center wherein customers could reach out for their query resolution. As their business grows the team in the contact center must also proportionately grow. These organizations face the following challenges

•24X7 support
•Multi lingual support – Even if volumes are not there, one has to employ backups in multiple shifts
•Attrition rates are as high as 60% - Difficult to ensure quality. NPS score are difficult to improve.
•Per call costs are extremely high (Ranges from INR 20 per call to INR 50 per call depending on the use case and the business positioning)

•Very high human dependence and related challenges and issues in management

•Engagely’s Voice Bot is an AI based contact center automation platform that can automate customer conversations in both inbound and outbound calls.
•Integrate with any existing contact center solution such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Aspect, etc.
•Drives conversations with customers by talking to any of the internal systems in client organization (CRM, Ticketing, Core Transactional systems, etc.)
•Holds conversations in 8+ indic & 9+ International languages

•Improved customer experience
•No wait times, or
•Navigation through complex IVR trees
•No hold time during the call
•Brings down the per call cost by 60-80%
•Ability to scale up and down without a lag
•Complete control on call quality and customer experience
•Deep conversational insights in real time

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