Mainframe Migration to Azure - Progression


Mainframe Migration to Azure - Progression


We help organizations seamlessly modernize their mainframes.

We help organizations seamlessly modernize their mainframes, so that they can accelerate their digital transformation and co-create a successful future. Our proven methodology that draws upon our unique technology suite and an unrivaled depth and breadth of specialized industry, means we can keep your business moving forward while moving on from mainframe to Azure.  

  • A complete tool suite developed and enhanced over 15 years by Fujitsu for Global Application Modernization.
  • Automated modernization of all components of IBM/Unisys mainframe or midrange as/400 applications to .Net framework; transforms legacy assets while retaining business logic.
  • Fujitsu-owned IP that converts COBOL, RPG & Transact to C# .NET, with no runtime licenses or fees.

Our solution consists of three steps:

  • Simplify

Maximize the client’s existing investment. We rationalize the existing landscape and optimize applications running on existing infrastructure. We then formulate a clear modernization roadmap based on your specific needs. Crucially, we undertake a technical proof of concept. This involves the migration of a representative sample of the application code using the selected conversion tools. This proves feasibility before moving forward and guarantees the success of the project.

  • Modernize

Deliver value and mitigate risks. Using our unique suite of automated migration tools, we migrate legacy mainframe applications to a more modern platform using advanced code conversion. This allows us to execute a proven migration methodology at low-risk, high-value but with minimal disruption due to an ability to make ongoing code changes throughout the process, so you can continue operating as normal while modernizing at speed.

  • Transform

Assured uptime and service levels. We transform business processes to make operations more efficient by continuing to help co-create cloud-enabled applications using a DevOps approach. We aim to partner with our clients on a modernization journey and establish a long-term relationship to assure success, continuity and digital transformation.