Heimdal™ Application Control

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Heimdal™ Application Control

Heimdal Security

Heimdal™ Application Control - Prevent Unauthorized Applications from Executing in Your System

Heimdal™ Application Control Key Benefits

Application Control is the next frontier of access management, with a stellar performance and ease of use. Together with Privileged Access Management, it is the only solution that allows white and blacklisting of apps, as well as the de-elevation of rights in tandem with our Threat Prevention and Antivirus.

Increased Visibility and Advanced Reporting for Full Compliance

Application Control grants you improved visibility over what happens during an elevated session. At the same time, the pre-and user-defined rulesets will ensure that your employees won’t access forbidden software or apps even while running with administrator-type rights. Achieve full compliance with Application Control. Heimdal™’s access management solution is compliant with NIST AC -1.6 and other industry standards.

On top of that, it has a full audit trail and advanced reporting features, both assets that can aid you to reconstruct the user’s activity should an incident require investigation. Application Control’s logging feature can supply you with vital digital forensics information such as apps executed per elevated session per user, executions’ history. The solution has a 90-day retention rate.

Full Access Management Features Unlocked 

Go beyond application whitelisting and blacklisting and unlock the full potential of your access management solution. Allow and Block applications based on certificate, name, MD5 hash, file path, and publisher. Go with Application Control’s ruleset or create your own. The choice is entirely yours. See what your access management solution looks like.

Overarching Cyber-Protection for Holistic Threat Protection

Application Control over Privileged Access Management is the latest technological addition to the Threat Prevention spectrum. Expand, not just enhance. Combine your threat-hunting and threat-prevention modules. Command the most robust and unitary E-PDR (Endpoint Prevention Detection and Response) suite available.

Application Control over Privileged Access Management unlocks new threat mitigation possibilities such as admin rights de-escalation on threat-detection, process-killing failsafe on elevated session termination, and much more. Application Control is one of the first milestones in your journey to 360-degree cyber-protection.