data analytics platform

KAVE data analytics platform


KAVE forms the heart of a new Big Data ecosystem allowing quick, easy and consistent data analytics.


This KAVE on Azure Marketplace demo has been discontinued. But the good news now: KAVE is very actively maintained - get in touch for a demo!

Data Analytics

Through complete use of your own data, you generate value; for people, for society, and for customers. KAVE forms the heart of a new 'Big Data ecosystem', removing common obstacles, allowing quick, easy and consistent data analytics.


KAVE anticipates a near future when data analysis plays an increasingly central position in society. To realize this KAVE adopts the best of breed analytics tools around Hadoop in combination with tools for collaboration, continuous integration, management and security. video


KAVE can be tailored to your needs, is modular, extensible. A few common use-cases include:

  • Data Exploration PoC
  • Data science education
  • Team collaboration environment
  • Monthly report generation
  • Combined real-time and batch processing: Lambda architecture
  • Hadoop-based Data-Lake

For more information see KAVE on Github. If you need help tailoring your KAVE solution we have an experienced team of data scientist, architects and engineers available to assist you. For more information or assistance send us a message: