Lumin by Fosfor

LTIMindtree Limited

Lumin by Fosfor

LTIMindtree Limited

Transform curiosity into limitless insight

Lumin, part of Fosfor product suite by LTI is designed to solve for this gap keeping the user context and insights comprehensiveness at the center. With the mission to empower decision makers with contextual insights at the point of decision making- whenever, wherever they need them, Lumin transforms their curiosity into limitless insight.

Lumin is designed for everyone, to analyze data and share insights in seconds. Lumin instantaneously spots anomalies, trends, and patterns, and reveals insights on why something happened, what changed, what is the impact, and what will come next – and it does so autonomously, without relying on data experts or complex coding skills.

Lumin Differentiators

Lumin’s patented augmented intelligence and NLG-powered data discovery platform, autonomous insights and intuitive interface is designed to solve business user’s need for speed, accuracy and comprehension.

1) Insights Comprehensiveness –Business users can apply advanced analytics interventions like key driver analysis, predictive analytics techniques like forecasting and prescriptive analysis like what if simulations to their data in a simple Q&A mode. Being data format, platform and domain agnostic, Lumin can ingest, analyse, interpret, and explain data and provide lightning-fast insights to decision makers.

2) Autonomous & Connected Intelligence- Lumin also enables the business user’s peripheral vision with autonomous anomaly detection engine-Nudges that signals any deviations in trends, patterns or critical business KPIs. The deep learning-based recommendations give the freedom to business users to chart their own insights journey with curated questions that unlock more insights

3) Intuitive User Experience – Lumin enables smart querying with NLG powered narratives with rich visualization and explanations (Explainable AI) that provides context and directions to insights . From data preparation, connecting to datasets to performing and interpreting the analysis itself, Lumin does all the heavy lifting, and provides most accurate and relevant insights to business users .

What value it brings in for our clients?

Lumin transforms limitless insight for organizations by-

1) Reducing analyst time to process advanced and ad-hoc analytics requests from weeks to hours; most clients free up hundreds of hours per analyst per year.

· Harnessing the potential of advanced analytics and forward-looking insights with business relevant narratives.

· Setting up and deploying impactful business use cases in no time, without the need for any manual/expert intervention or coding.