Numerator Consumer Data Capture Link

Market Track, LLC

Numerator Consumer Data Capture Link

Market Track, LLC

Collect consumer purchase or streaming viewership data directly from permissioned user accounts

Numerator Link democratizes data access (purchase or viewership) creating powerful, highly efficient data ecosystem. Historically, consumer purchase data has been controlled by retailers, leaving brands with limited access to data and restrictive guardrails. But the world has changed. Consumers are in control of more and more of their data. Access consumer data with their permission. 

  • In-store and ecommerce purchases captured daily via Numerator Link API
    (can also capture viewership data from streaming OTT accounts)

  • Easy implementation in your app or website

  • Immediate access of ~2 years of historical purchases at UPC level

  • Broad ACV coverage in US: ~70% instore, ~98% ecommerce

  • Privacy compliant

  • Data updated daily

Enable your app / website users to share their account specific log-in credentials. 
Numerator Link APIs automatically pull up to 2 years of data. 
Data is returned at user level, UPC level detail. 

Here's an example of some of the JSON returned - this example is for Meijer Tortilla Chips: 

user_id": "26924643",

"user_store_id": 1440861,

"product_id": 1931086,

"name": "Meijer Tortilla Chips White Round, Family Size",

"store_id": 519,

"store_name": "Meijer",

"harvested_name": "TORTILLA CHIPS",

harvested_product_code_info": "upc": "041250017158"

"ean": null,

"plu": null

"quantity": 1.0,

"price": 3.0,

"purchase_date": "2020-05-10 19:23:10",

"purchase_date_local": "2020-05-10 14:23:10",

"recorded_at": "2020-05-11 18:23:44"

Store name": "West Bend",

"street": "2180 S. Main Street",

"city": "West Bend",

"state": "WI",

"zip": "53095"

"total": 77.36,

"order_number": "703340003",