QLARM – The Smart Industrial IoT Cloud Platform


QLARM – The Smart Industrial IoT Cloud Platform


A cloud platform for monitoring, alarming, reporting and analyzing Industrial IoT systems

Are you looking for a single solution meeting all your IoT needs?

Qlarm is an intuitive cloud platform that enable conditional monitoring, intelligent alarming, interactive notifications, reporting and analytics tailored for industrial control systems and professional Industrial IoT implementations.

Monitoring & Alarming

Conditional monitoring is at the core of Qlarm functionality. By combining simple, complex, and smart rules you can monitor your assets and trigger alarms and events. Qlarm improves operations, surveillance and maintenance processes and reduces costs and downtime.


Qlarm notifies stakeholders when attention is required. Multiple channels like push notifications, interactive text messages (SMS), phone voice calls or emails will reach out. Events can trigger webhooks for initiating external workflows.

Analytics & Reporting

Qlarm enables live and historical data visualization tailored for various types of end-users, from field support engineers to managers and the public. Interactive charts, filtering and export formats make your business decisions sharper and faster. Advanced predictive analytics is in the making.


The dashboards are designed to display multiple custom dashboards filled with configurable widgets. It is highly flexible and allows you to create your own, and share with other users. Dashboards provide real-time monitoring of sensor values with configurable states which makes the detection of desired or undesired behavior easy.

Third-party integrations

Qlarm exposes live and historical data via an OData REST API. The open API enables integration into third-party applications, including your enterprise systems and improves your data-driven business decisions. Qlarm is compatible with many third-party systems and support integration in complex IFTTT scenarios.

Trend Charts

Flexible charts for visualizing your data. Data from multiple tags can be displayed and analyzed on the chart, shown together with events and thresholds. The lines can be aggregated and filtered. The trend can be saved as a report which can be retrieved later or saved to file.

Data ingestion

The main methods of getting data into Qlarm is by MQTT and OPC UA.

Security and SSO

Qlarm is built to the highest security standards, using AES-256 encryption. Our users are managed by AAD User Management. It allows for single-sign-on and includes 2FA - Two-Factor Authentication.

Digital Twins

Model your assets and create complete digital twins within Qlarm. The digital twins are built using DTDL - Digital Twin Definition Language.