DMAP Copilot: App Modernization Accelerator

Newt Global Consulting, LLC

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DMAP Copilot: App Modernization Accelerator

Newt Global Consulting, LLC

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DMAP accelerates Oracle to PostgreSQL application migration with automated embedded SQL conversion

Newt Global’s Data Modernization Acceleration Platform (DMAP) is an enterprise grade best in class customizable platform, powered with the machine learning capabilities of GenAI & GitHub Copilot to facilitate accelerated application migration and modernization to Azure leading to deep reduction in time and effort up to 80%.

DMAP assesses legacy .NET and java applications for their cloud readiness and transformation to Azure App Service. It offers suitable paths for modernization and migration of applications to the cloud by utilizing pre-built solutions for multiple patterns. DMAP automates the conversion of embedded Oracle PL/SQL code within your application to PostgreSQL compatible syntax saving valuable time and resources by avoiding manual code translation.

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Automated Conversion: 80 to 100% automated conversion of embedded PL/SQL code in .Net and Java applications to PostgreSQL syntax.

Increased ROI & Time Savings: 80% reduction in time & effort as compared to open-source solutions and standard conversion tools provided by public cloud platforms.

Powered by GenAI:GenAI integration boosts conversion of embedded PL/SQL code in your application codebase that is not automatically converted. In addition, integration with GitHub Copilot provides the transformative potential for Last Mile Hyper Automation by streamlining bulk batch code conversion and catapulting developer productivity to unprecedented heights.

Flawless Migration:Accelerated and error free migration minimizes the risk of post-migration issues.

Innovation:We are continuously enhancing and expanding our product's features to better meet your evolving needs and stay ahead of industry trends.

Responsive Assistance:We have a product support team that is always available to address your questions, concerns, and technical inquiries.


Discovery at Scale:Run a quick discovery on multiple applications simultaneously to determine files with embedded SQL code that shall be remediated to make application compatible with PostgreSQL database.

Assessment at Scale:Assess multiple applications simultaneously to determine type of SQL statements embedded in application code such as procedure calls, static queries vs dynamic queries with variables, and queries in conditional IF ELSE blocks. The assessment identifies the conversion statistics for SQL statements using DMAP, and recommendations for manual actions required for conversion.

Application Remediation:Automatically convert up to 80% of Oracle PL/SQL code in application.

Support Multiple ORMs:Compatible with ORMs such as JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, and even custom data access frameworks for database change.

Cloud Readiness:

  • PaaS Readiness: Assess application's suitability and preparedness for migration to Azure PaaS environment. It determines if the application can leverage PaaS services such as Azure App Service effectively and identifies any architectural adjustments or configuration changes that may be needed.
  • Dead Code Analysis: Analyze application codebase for dead code that is never executed in a running program. Dead code is accumulated due to software maintenance and software aging making the codebase more difficult to understand and maintain in the long run.
  • JRE Upgrade Assessment: Determine if the Java application needs to undergo a JRE version enhancement to match the minimum version essential for optimal functionality on Azure. Analysis identifies issues that shall be addressed in the application code to successfully carry out the JRE upgrade.
  • Preserve Functionality:Maintain the core functionality of your application during the conversion process. DMAP ensures that your business logic remains intact, guaranteeing a seamless transition.
  • Customization: Every application is unique. DMAP allows for customization options, to fine-tune the conversion process to align with your specific requirements.