Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Nutanix, Inc.

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Nutanix, Inc.

A hybrid multicloud platform that simplifies cloud adoption, DR & migration of on-prem apps to Azure

A True Hybrid Multicloud Platform

Simplify hybrid multicloud complexity with Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure - a true hybrid multicloud platform that helps you seamlessly run any workload, at any scale, across on-prem and Azure environments.

NC2 on Azure includes an industry-leading, software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure by Nutanix running on Azure. Delivered using bare-metal hardware known as Ready Nodes for Nutanix (AN nodes), Nutanix software running on your datacenter hardware and on AN nodes, organizations can build a true hybrid cloud platform with a consistent management experience across private and public clouds.

Note: This marketplace listing is intended to subscribe and pay for NC2 software only. This marketplace listing cannot be used to deploy the NC2 software.
Please refer to the deployment and user guide for instructions on how to deploy NC2. The prices included in this listing are list prices for the Nutanix software. Nutanix recommends talking to your account manager to get discounted pricing on the Nutanix software licenses.

Key Use Cases Includes:

1) Disaster Recovery (DR): Use an Azure region as a backup site and recover your applications within minutes of a DR failover event.

2) On-Demand Elasticity: Avoid the extensive delays in procuring additional capacity for your datacenter by bursting into Azure while maintaining centralized control

3) Application migrations to Azure: Save the trouble of retooling or refactoring apps with an easy lift-and-shift operation & direct integration with Azure services.

Along with application portability, NC2 also delivers license portability across on-prem and Azure to truly decouple apps from the underlying hardware platform. With this offer you will pay for Nutanix licenses that can run on your NC2 clusters. Your NCI, EUC or NCP licenses will be generated by Nutanix after completion of the transaction.

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Note: This marketplace listing cannot be used to pay for the Azure AN nodes. You are responsible for paying for the Azure AN bare-metal nodes directly to Azure. Nutanix does not control Azure pricing. Currently, Azure is offering a 30-day free trial of the AN nodes. The Azure bare-metal pricing below is for informational purposes only. Please contact Azure Support for any billing/pricing questions.

AN36 Config: 36 cores, 576 GiB Memory, 3.2TB NVMe SSD, 15.36TB SATA SSD *

  • Bare-metal pricing in US East, US West 2:
    • PAYG $4.992/hr/node

AN36P Config: 36 cores, 768 GiB Memory, 1.5 TB low-latency NVMe SSD, 19.2 TB NVMe SSD *

  • Bare-metal pricing in North Central US, US East 2:
    • PAYG $5.4912/hr/node
  • Bare-metal pricing in Australia:
    • PAYG $6.585/hr/node
  • Bare-metal pricing in Singapore:
    • PAYG $6.582/hr/node
  • Bare-metal pricing in UK South:
    • PAYG $6.371/hr/node
  • Bare-metal pricing in West Europe, Germany West Central:
    • PAYG $6.547/hr/node
  • Bare-metal pricing in JA East:
    • PAYG $6.442/hr/node

Reserved Instance (RI) plans can give a 36.27% discount for one year, or 57.7% discount for 3 years. Reserved Instances are supported with both monthly and up-front payment options. Please contact your Azure representative for pricing discount information.