Vega Equity

Polestar Solutions & Services India LLP

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Vega Equity

Polestar Solutions & Services India LLP

(10 評分)

Digital ESOP Management Platform for End to End Solution

Vega Equity is the End to End Digital Equity Management Cloud Based Platform which helps organizations to Smartly & Efficiently manage its Complex ESOPs and Cap Table with Ease, Flexibility & Real Time Visibility.

With Vega Equity, managing ESOPs is a game of few clicks as the platform enables its users (both employer & employee) to get the Real Time Updates, Reports, Analytics etc as and when required.

Why Vega Equity?

With a Committed 48 Hours Onboarding & Implementation, VEGA Equity ensures its customers for a hassle free Migration from Complex Manual Excel Sheets to a SMART DIGITAL PLATFORM which takes care of all the ESOP related tasks and smart inputs for faster decision making.

How Vega Equity Helps You? Employ your resources and utilize man-hours in productive tasks and leave ESOP Management to Vega Equity: -

- Digital ESOP Grants in 10 Seconds

- Enables Exercise & Buyback Events as per your ESOP Scheme

- Real Time Visibility to Employers & Employees

- Quick & Smart Dashboards for tracking all ESOPs Metrics

- Updated & Detailed ESOP Reports for Compliance & Internal Controls.

- Features like Accelerated Vesting & Custom Vesting Schedules.

….And Much more…..

Other Key Features:

- Flexibility: Vega Equity is the most Flexible & Configurable ESOP Management Platform which provides its customers to use the inbuilt PICK & CHOOSE options to design their ESOP Program as the way they want.

This helps in reducing the dependencies on the product or dev team for each & every thing as the platform enables you to configure, draw & design your ESOP Program the that way you want in just a few clicks.

- Quick Onboarding: Committed 48 Hours Implementation.

This helps in saving the crucial man hours of your Internal Team for the core & productive tasks as Vega Equity’s Team will handle it in the most efficient and fastest manner.

- Integrations: Integrate Seamlessly with your existing workflows. Our Platform is API enabled to integrate and share data directly with real-time connectivity across platforms including: -

Microsoft Teams Outlook Gmail

- Single Sign On: Avoid maintaining or securing multiple user credentials with the SSO Features of Vega Rewards with MS Teams & Gmail.