Runecast Analyzer


Runecast Analyzer


Proactive, actionable intelligence for stability and security of Azure and hybrid IT systems.

Runecast Analyzer does proactively (in seconds) what is otherwise humanly impossible by scanning and analyzing IT infrastructures against known ‘sources of truth’ (i.e. global security standards, best practices, knowledge base articles, vendor guidelines, etc.), whether on-premises, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. It highlights the precise risks and provides remediation steps for IT Admins to mitigate risk to the environment.

For your Microsoft Azure environment

Runecast Analyzer automates continual proactive monitoring against Azure Best Practices and a number of regulatory standards (such as CIS Benchmarks) to highlight where to focus your attention first. You'll see a list of critical issues and steps to remediate them.

Hybrid environments can see issues also for AWS, Kubernetes and VMware from the same dashboard. The analyzer maintains historical data for audit evidence, and to show historical trending.

To maintain security compliance

Running securely on your own infrastructure, Runecast Analyzer automates security compliance checks for your Azure infrastructure with insights into what is happening both in the cloud and on-premises. No sensitive company, employee, or customer data needs to leave your control.

Enable what is humanly impossible

Runecast Analyzer evaluates on-premises, hybrid cloud, and public cloud environments – Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, VMware and even VMware Cloud on AWS. It does this via a secure appliance that can be deployed into your Azure VPC, to your AWS VPC, to Kubernetes via our Helm chart, or as a virtual appliance to your vSphere environment. It provides a single-dashboard view of your IT infrastructures, monitoring your public, private and hybrid clouds, as well as your cloud-native apps running on Kubernetes.

The ServiceNow plugin enables the automatic raising of tickets in ServiceNow when new findings are detected.


  • Azure – AKS, Azure AD, Azure App Services, Disks, Key Vault, MySQL Server, Network Security Groups, PostgreSQL Server, Storage Accounts, SQL Server, Subscription and Virtual Machines
  • AWS – AWS Config, AWS Health, AWS Inspector, Cloudfront, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, EC2, ECS, EFS, EKS, IAM, Kinesis, Lambda, RDS, Redshift, S3 and VPC
  • VMware – vSphere 5.x+ (fully supported on vSphere 7), vSAN, NSX-T, NSX-V 6.2+, Horizon 6.x+, VMware Cloud Director

Kubernetes – supporting the 4 latest releases