- Globally Managed Service

SecureW2 - Globally Managed Service


Azure AD Integrated RADIUS Service Designed for Passwordless Security

RADIUS authentications over-the-air and in the cloud are susceptible to credential theft. The key to protecting your Azure AD credentials is passwordless security, which Cloud RADIUS was designed for.

Key Benefits:

  • A Fully Managed Global RADIUS Service: Authenticate users from anywhere with a service that requires no setup and no maintenance.

  • Built for Secure Passwordless Wi-Fi/VPN Authentication: Designed for digital certificates, so you can authenticate to your Wi-Fi and VPN without insecure passwords.

  • Native Azure AD Integration: Real-time integration with Azure AD with advanced policy engine for granular network access control

  • Gain Network Visibility: With built-in event logs, your administrators will have a crystal-clear snapshot of all the devices attempting to access your network.

  • Hi-performance: EAP-TLS authentication for quicker connections and better roaming

  • Enhanced Support & SLA: Monitored 24/7 across the globe by award-winning engineers who will help you investigate and remediate outages.

What Comes Now with Cloud RADIUS:

  • Fully Managed Cloud-Based AAA Service with Global Authentication Capabilities

  • Industry-Unique Access Policy Engine Designed for Azure

    • Real-Time User/Device Lookup in Azure

    • Enforce Azure Conditional Access Policies for Wi-Fi and VPN

  • Single-Pane Management Portal with Granular Policy Control

  • RADIUS over TLS (RadSec) Support for Better Roaming

Additional SKUs that can be Bundled with Cloud RADIUS:

  • Additional Servers for Extra Geo-locations

  • Turnkey Managed PKI

  • Certificate auto-enrollment for Intune/MEM

  • Data Streaming Services for SIEM Integration

  • Self-service enrollment for BYODs

  • Guest and IoT authentication